Location driven database to show your nearest AED. Compatible with all devices
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About AED Locator

I have created an application that will help members of the public find their nearest AED in an Emergency.

AED Location

An AED machine, or automated external defibrillator, is an essential component in first aid and safety. Somehow, though, there remains a knowledge gap that includes many misconceptions.

Most of us have seen these units at airports, hospitals, schools, government buildings, nursing homes, first aid stations and even in our workplaces — But do we remember where we seen them ?

William Fahy

Paramedic / Creator of AED Locator


Register AEDs so far

Current registered AEDs

We have sourced as many locations as we could find using social media and information from Community First Responder groups.

We are hoping to work with County Councils and other CFR Groups to broaden our list locations.

Below is the list of Current AEDs